Toboton Creek has retired from the Seattle farmers markets. We are offering our products from here at home on the farm. Customers are welcome to come to the farm for eggs, broilers and our USDA gourmet quality goat meat cuts. We also have many new and exciting products coming up. Feel free to call us (360-894-5691), email (, or contact us on Facebook.

We are continuing to raise Boer and Nubian goats and have a high standard for correctness of breed character and conformation. Please check out our Bucks and Does. Recently we have added a very desirable young buck to our herd, joining Brutus (ABGA 10634217), The Don (ABGA 10574033) and Toboton Creek Mandan (ABGA 10656724). Brutus is a grandson of DCW Bo Jangle "ennobled" and Mandan is a grandson of MCR RRD Richocet "ennobled" (ABGA 10378769). Our new sire is Capriole's Catapult (ABGA 10713893), a Cannon (AGBA 10211111) grandson. This young buck sports eight "ennoblements" in his pedigree. He will be bred to a select few of our full blood does this season.
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